Sunday, July 09, 2006

DV Norba National

Busy weekend! Here is the outline.

Friday: Pre ride XC course and decide not to race after feeling lethargic, very disappointed. Help Rose prep for BBQ and continue to waffle about racing all night. Feeling bad about skipping out when Raleigh is in town.

Saturday: Wake up at 3am with Eva for no particular reason. Ride around the house and don't feel all that bad, pack the bike just in case they let me register. Register 1.5 hours before race time without a "Jones" breakfast or dinner. Eat everything I can find and make up some bottles.
Race starts and I feel good for 2 laps running in 19-20th without hurting. Jones caught me at the end of the 2nd lap and I was feeling a little empty but still moving pretty good. 3rd lap lights out and I can barely keep the bike going up or down. I guess being hungry on the start line of a 2+ hr race with 9000 ft of climbing should have been a sign. Anyway, Jones raged to 16th 2 days after placing 3rd in the marathon. Susie put in a solid top 30 after placing 2nd in the marathon. Roger was leading the 50+ ex race until his back seized up on the last climb.
Saturday night BBQ at the house went off like a bomb due to Rosie's stellar party planning skills, good times with good people!

Jones looking back at the damage

Eva enjoying the party

Fox is one of a kind

Sunday: Pancakes and eggs for breakfast (trying to learn from my rookie mistake). 1.5 hr am ride with Rog on the canyon, burr fork, Cramer loop. Legs turning over better at the end.
Eva endures one more car ride to DV for the short track. Have a good start and hold on for somewhere around 15th. You will have to wait for the new Cycling Utah to get the coveted STXC race report.

DH on the short track

Goals for the week: Get some work done on the shed and love my great family and friends!


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