Monday, June 12, 2006

wild kingdom

Here is a list of the wildlife I saw yesterday on a short hike and trail ride:
1 bull moose
4 deer
2 grouse
2 lizards
1 toad
2 snakes
2 redtail hawkes
6+ quail
1 cottontail rabit
1 mouse
ground squirll
multiple other birds including hummingbird, finch, sparrows, woodpecker, and others.

Its amazing what you see if your not just looking at your front tire. Speaking of wildlife, the other day Rosie was sitting on the deck when a badger rumbled out of the trees into the yard and scared her to death. I personally have seen a badger whip a large dog, no contest.

Knocked out 2 projects that have been calling my name:
1. Installed the toilet in the guest bathroom.

2. completed some top secret reconnaissance work in the canyon just north of emigration. Found a pond being rebuilt for the june sucker, an overgrown trail, and some amazing views into the canyon. The descent into burr fork was a steep loamy shoot that I am now am challenged to ride up and clean, no dabs!

Today my concrete pad project fell through as my go to guy got sick. Tomorrow no VA work so I hope to get in a little ride and maybe work on the single track around the house.


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