Tuesday, June 06, 2006

one armed chain gang

I wrote somthing up yesterday and tried to post some pics of little Eva but the it blew up so I will try again.

Recuparation days:
Sunday- black and blue all over, I have to turn my whole body to look around because my neck will hardly move. Easy ride after church with Rosie and Eva in the trailer down to grandma's, the riding seems to help loosen things up.

Monday- No riding to work as I am barely able to crawl out of bed, 2nd day is always the worst. My neck is feeling better but my right shoulder and trunk are worked over. Did an easy spin at lunch in hopes of loosening up a little more and then after work we donned the orange vests for canyon cleanup and scoured emigration canyon road for trash. For a guy using only one arm and a 9 month old straped to his chest I picked up alot of trash. The turnout for canyon cleanup was pretty weak considering the number of people of who live in and enjoy the canyon. Saw a ton of cyclists enjoying a nice evening spin including stupid bike bob. Its funny how most of the trash picked up was beer cans, not pop cans but but cheap beer like naturl light, did not find one fresca can. I wonder if their is some kind of correlation between those that litter and beverage choice?

Tuesday- Back on the bike to work and feeling a little better although my right shoulder is still not moving well. Salmon and corn on the grill with some friends while the sun sets put the day to rest. If I continue to improve at this rate I will be ready to race again by the weekend.

Sorry no pics, I have some good ones of Eva at the pool but was unable to post them. Props to sly for winning the alley cat 666.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever read the Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey? Ole Hayduke measured trips by beers drank, not mileage. Of course, all the cans ended up on the roadway...and for sure it was cheap beer. The book's setting was in Utah.

Maybe you've got a local population of Hayduke types doing a lot of driving.

9:11 AM


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