Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"off the wall"

Why do I like building trails?

Is it the solitude, the smell of the earth, the upper body workout, the instant gratification of seeing a nice berm come together, imagining Eva learning the art of shredding at the age of 3, using a chainsaw, yea probably so! But I also think it takes me back to a time when life was simple and I spent my days at the "flats" building doubles, whoops, table tops, and chillin with the BMX gang. I wore red "off the wall" lowtop vans before they were retro and my primary worries were how to get Adam out of daily piano practice and what slurpee flavors 7/11 had on tap.

Today I rode some trails (millcreek) and then built some trails (in my yard). I was inspired!

Here's a quick fix for anyone itchin for onetrack on a weekday, all handmade of course!

In the future this trail will quench my thirst for shredding the nar when I really don't have the time. Let me know if you want to get back to your roots and I'll put you to work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not scared to dull a sapid in the trail building efforts. Let me know when you are at it again and I will try to make my schedule line up to lend a hand.

1:59 PM

Blogger Matt Hobson-Rohrer said...

Bart - I'm reading your blog from Korea right now. The trail progress looks good. can't wait to come over and help you pack it down with the bikes. When you're ready we've got more work to do on the trail into Brigham Fork. Take care. matt

11:23 PM

Blogger jsager said...

I'll lend a hand - if it counts that my hand will be holding a brake lever and skidding around corners to help break the trail in...

6:56 PM


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