Friday, June 16, 2006

no where to hide

Been practicing to and from work all week and I think I am getting better. Tomorrow I will know for sure as it is impossible to hide in a mtn bike race, I guess thats why I like mtn and cross, you always know where you stand. And I guess thats why we only have 10-20 pro guys line up at the IC mtn races and utah cyclocross while the local I/II road races get 3-4x that, I guess cyclists don't always like to know where they stand. On the other hand when your not feeling that hot the "gray area" in a road race is kinda nice.
After the Logan race were going to the family cabin up at Beat Lake to play in the water, maybe I will ride around the lake.
Have a great weekend and happy fathers day!


Blogger Grizzly Adam said...

From what I heard today, it looks like you are standing in a good place. There is an isolation in mountain biking that is very appealing.

You racing in the 12 Hours of Endurance next week?

8:07 PM


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