Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my lunch was stolen

So today I meet Rosie an Eva at sunnyside park for lunch, I brought my normal sandwich and fruit. I ate half of it before Rosie left and I rode my bike down to contender for a minute. I stashed the remainder of my lunch at the foot of the tree we were eating at to pick up on my way back to work. I returned and found no lunch, the only thing I can figure is the maintanance guys that were eating lunch nearby saw my big bag of cut up melon and snagged it. I have been getting a lot done the last few days. Monday I poured the concrete pad for the shed with some help from an intern at work and Phil the finisher, it looks great. Check out the cyclocross pit boots putting in some mid summer time.

Today I hit the bike again and felt pretty good considering the manual labor. I climbed home from work at a pretty good rate and then took a short spin up freeze creek, its getting way overgrown and really slows the trail down. This evening I got some more work done on the compound trail.
First weekend in a while with no race so I am looking to get a long road ride in on Saturday, maybe down to AF canyon for some alpine loop action followed by a little BBQ action. Foxy told me storman and crew may be headin that way, fox, jones and sager maybe in and I am sure rog and bry will meet us in alpine. blake, ty, art? anyone else in?


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where and when are you riding?

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