Sunday, June 18, 2006

joyride at sherwood hills and beyond

IC#9 Joyride through sherwood hills resort:
Another perfect day in Utah for bike racing. The late start made for a relaxing morning and drive. Warm up lap with Jones revealed nearly perfect dirt conditions and a lot of great singletrack. I was also happy to find the legs feeling better than they have in a while. My energy levels have been on the up an up and my nodes/glands in my neck don't hurt anymore. The shoulders and neck have nearly healed and I felt ready to race. Anyway, The race started with one of the most impressive holeshots I have ever seen. BZ instantly had 100m on the field and it took us nearly the entire parade loop to bring him back. We hit the first little climb and Jones and I were at the front, I decided to gas it a little and string things out through the 1 track, it worked well and we were free to ride our own pace together for the rest of the race. For the next 5 laps we were not more than 20 ft from each other and it was nice to enjoy a little mid race chit chat. On the last climb toward the finish we raced it out and I happened to be feeling good and hit the finnish a few seconds up. It's funny, if the finnish would have been 2 laps earlier our order would have switched as I was barely holding EJ's wheel up that same climb. Susy also brought home another impressive win for the Raleigh family in the pro babes class.

The best fathers day ever:
After the race we headed to our family cabin at Bear Lake for the remainder of the weekend. We stopped in Garden City and at at the harbor View restaurant for some authentic southern food, the Gumbo was amazing. the restaurant restroom just happened to have shower in it and I snuck a quick one, dinner is always better after a shower.
Our friends Heidi and Adam joined us with little Richard and Adam and I were treated to the best fathers day breakfast ever- blueberry pancakes with whipcream, melon, the works.
Adam and I headed out for a high alpine ride in the mountains above the lake and found snow, crazy long climbs, descents, and plenty of deadfall hopping. We finished the ride at the beach with the fam's for some swimming.

Looking North off the cabin deck

Eva's first swim in Bear Lake


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