Saturday, June 10, 2006

Deer Valley

Pulled Rosie and Eva out of bed this morning for the early (9am) Deer Valley Race. Turned out to be a great day for bike racing with the recent downpours leaving the soil on the DH near perfect. Today was a great example of why you should keep plugging away in a race. I felt stiff and slow while warming, started and felt much the same. The first time down the DH I could have been mistaken for a roadie that rides in circles in a parking lot, I was all over the place. Finally settled into a rhythm with Alex helping me get my flow back on the descent. We rode 2 laps together and the climbing was comfortable. On the 3rd lap are pace slowed and I was itching to get by him on a one track climb when out of nowhere his tires starts hissing, bummer. So then I turned it on for the remainder of the lap and the finishing circuit up littlestick. By this time I could see Jones and made a little push up the last climb to Finnish 40 seconds down in 2nd place. The last 20 minutes I felt like myself again. Unfortunately, while passing a lapper I was crashed upon and landed on my bum shoulder, it's not going to heal if I keep crashing.

After the race the real fun began (for Rosie) as we hit up the sales at the outlet stores.
She is trying to spend all my hard earned winnings on "great deals". We hit up Go Sushi again with the Heckmann's and made a Home Depot run to round out the evening.
Now the moon is nearly full.

Eva and friend Richard cheesin for the camera Rosie caught the little bull moose trying to sneak across the road by our house


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