Tuesday, May 02, 2006

one track

To and from work on the new carbon Raleigh road bike- felt good but the upper body is a little tired from yesterday's dig-athon. Why don't cyclists heed the temporary red light at the bottom of the canyon, it's only 4 minutes and the work is being done for cyclists. Today I was nearly hit head on by some fool who thought he would bust the light and save a couple minutes. Good thing I have bruce lee like reflexes and was able dart around an orange barrel, guess I should have hit it and added to A-trains cash cow. Now don't get me wrong, I have ran my share of stop signs/lights but this specefically asks cyclists to stop and is always in plain view of multiple oversive SUV driving motorists. I was actually pulled over on my cross bike by a mustached motorcycle cop at 15th and 15th for busting a stop sign a few years back. He gave me a $77 ticket and then harassed for not having an ID on my person, I proceeded to inform him that I was unaware of any law requiring I carry an ID. This is the same cop who used to hide in the bushes on his moto up by city creek hoping to nab people going the wrong direction on the oneway. I should have told him my name was Cris Fox, although he probably knows him by name. I then tapped the good old boy system and contacted a friend who new the clerk at the courthouse and bingo the ticket disappeared. I guess I should not be proud of such a scheme but I am sure there are better things to clog up our judicial system. My point is, please stop at the lights in emigration canyon because I ride the canyon everyday and I don't want to end up on the grill of an Escalade because some vigilante feels it is his responsibility to punish the red rollers.
On a positive note check out the single track I busted once I made it home. This trail is 100 ft from my house and is drying out enough to ride the lower section. Cleaned this bridge up and down

Cleaned this bridge going up but rear tire slide out on inside log going down, need to approach it at less of an angle.
did not even attempt this stream crossing, although in this pic it looks harmless.
May not be updating for a while, heading to Mesquite tomorrow after work and then to Fontana for a weekend at the races.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a nice trail until some Dumb-Ass went an build a big ugly house over the access trail.

the wolf,

10:10 PM

Blogger Bart G said...

You can still access the trail right thru his front yard, he has no problem with it. He even keeps up the lower section with the weed wacker in mid summer. Good egg.

6:19 PM

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