Monday, May 01, 2006

Green Thumb

The dentist was painless and cost me little. I broke a tooth on some warm chocolate and few weeks back and Dr M tells me its no big deal, smoothes it off and I am out the door, that's unheard of at the dentist. So he got the new Utah Sports Magazine in his office waiting room and had me sign the picture from the Frozen Hog, I felt like a rockstar despite being just a hacker mountain bike racer.
Any mag that supports cycling is cool, go find a copy, Racers got a pic, Gregger's wife Erin, and some other cool shots.

What if bike racing was at the popularity equivalent of say basketball, I would probably be something like a sixth man coming off the bench, don't have the pure gift but have been consistently improving. Can play with the Allstars but with the clock ticking down the ball always goes to the big guns like Wells, JHK, and Craig. What if I was making the NBA coin for riding my bike, yea that would be cool but I would also miss out on a lot. Like today I treated an 82 y/o WWII veteran who has a purple heart and was a POW. He was a gunner stationed in France and was shot down over Germany where he spent 100 days in a NAZI POW camp, stories like this are priceless, it won't be long and all the WWII vets will have passed away. Anyway he has metastaic carcinoma which most likely began in his prostrate and has now spread, plain films show lytic lesions in his sacrum and he is presenting with significant left leg weakness including drop foot. Have not got the MRI back but suspect either pathologic fractures in his lumbar spine or additional mets impinging his lumbar nerve roots. Hope to at least get him fixed up to return home walking with a cane or walker and maybe get in a few rounds of golf this summer. His situation is defiantly terminal and probably sooner than later but he should at least get a few more swings in. As much as I like racing my bike, I also enjoy the other things I am able to do.

Planted trees all afternoon, 3 more Norway spruce and 2 Aspen. I have a couple more to go but I will wait until the new shed is done. With the NORBA getting closer I got to start tapering my manual labor. No more digging this week. Fox just busted upstairs to tell me he big ringed the climb home, don't call it a come back!


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