Thursday, April 20, 2006

Snot machine

Feeling better every day, but dehydrating easy due to large quanities of mucus flow, be careful riding behind me! Yesterday on my ride home from work Rosie passed me in the car so I gave her my pack and decided to ride up little mountain and check out the snow line on big mountain. Did not get far, snow line is at Afleck park and I got wet getting there. Rumor has it Tinker used to train with a backpack full of rocks, no rumor here, a good share of my riding includes an Ogio backpack filled with cold weather cycling clothes. When I shed it on the climb like today I find some extra gears. Ran into a mate named Dave up around big mountain, good egg and fun to ride with someone during the week, even if it's only a short while. Rosie dropped Eva off at work so I could spend lunch with her while she got in a bike ride, she may do it again today. How lucky am I to have lunch with my little girl during the work week. Our Moab trip this weekend looks to be on the fritz because Rog's back needs a little more rest, bummer but I can get some dead wood cleared and if things dry I can get some more trees planted. Rosie and I might have to hit the shoreline to "shred the nar". To bad the City Creek hillclimb is cancelled, I would have done it now I will be in town. Just rambling now, I hope to post some pics tonight.


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