Thursday, April 20, 2006

The smell of the earth

Got some trees planted tonight, bad pic I know but if you look close you can see some Norway spruce along the rock wall.

Piles of deadwood building up, but I have along way to go. My plan is to clear all the dead undergrowth out and thin the horizontal wood so the natural ivy can thrive on the bottom and the oaks can grow up. I hope to use some of the logs to help secure the sidewalls of the connector trail in the backyard, I need some more energy or maybe and employee!

Check out the carbon clincher prototype MTB wheels, hope to get them suited up tomorrow. Also snapped a pic of the new Raleigh hardtail after shredding Red Butte on my way home from work. Glad I am riding the Reba WC this year, it's a little heavier than the Sid but will last more than a few rides and tracks so much better. Plan to put in some more dirt miles this weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put Fox to work...he could stand to sweat off a couple more pounds...

2:45 PM


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