Monday, April 17, 2006

Quick changes

Looking East onto my deck after a day of April showers!

Woke up this am feeling about the same as the weather looked outside, crappy! My best guess is someone sneezed on my food at the weenie roast and now I am fighting off a cold virus. Hopefully I can shake it as quick as the our local weather changes, tomorrow should be sunny. At least I picked a good day to get sick, and with plenty of time to be feeling 100% before the 1st Norba national. Tomorrow I am picking up some prototype carbon MTB wheels to test for Reynolds, should have them ready for some serious dirt action this weekend, stay tuned for details and pics. Carbon wheels have rocked the road world, soon they will hit the mountain.

Snow warning remains in effect for the wasatch mountains and high valleys through tomorrow morning. It's light outside and I'm going to bed.


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