Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's called sly style

Today has been a challenge. Eva got her first cold this week and unfortunately I think she got it from me. She is in a poor mood which I am not used to since she is normally all smiles. Rosie left about 2:30 to host a wedding so it has been me and the kido all evening. I wish I had bigger hips for lugging her around, she did play in the shop for a few minutes while I tuned some bikes and we have been on two walks.
In the am I did a quick ride on the MTB exploring the ridge trail going southwest of off little mountain, no body rides that way and now I know why, serious face over the front wheel granny gear climbing, unfortunately the traction was good so I had no reason to get off and push. The views were nice, check out the picture of my hood, can you pick out my house?

looking south across Parleys

Eva's already going for the chick bars!

You have probably already heard via email, text message, or word on the street. One of my all time favorite people fired up a blog, not only is he blogging, but Sly is posting multiple times/day. This is going to be good.


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