Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Checkout the excavation work for my future shed, would you believe me if I said I dug this by hand, I hope not. A buddy of mine brought his skid loader and mini trackhoe to help save my back and free up a little energy. Machinery is cool, I would love to be an excavator playing with all these big Tonka toys. I got in a great 30 minute ride home from work, Rosie called and said the "digging guy is here waiting for you" so I pinned it up the hill.

A quick Big Mountain update, I must have just missed Bob. I rode up their yesterday from work with my backpack on, I bet the people I pass just think I ride with a huge camel back, when really I don't have an ounce of water fluid on me. Anyway I nearly made it to the first switch back past afleck park. If I would have had time to hike in a little snow I am sure the south facing road to the next left hander would all be clear. Sorry to burst your bubble but it will not be rideable by this weekend. In a good snow year like this they often have to use a front end loader(more Tonka's) to clear the last switch backs before opening the road. Hopefully I am wrong. Off work tomorrow so I hope to get in a short MTB ride, continued landscaping/trail building/ tree planting, and lots of time with Eva.

All this power from pressurized fluid, hydraulics are fascinating.


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