Sunday, March 19, 2006


Current Conditions in Emigration Canyon @ 6000 ft
temp: 31.2 F.
humidity: 79%
24 hr snow: 11" (on my deck)
snowing lightly

This year old man winter is the 95 lb bag of bones with the toothy grin who hobbles around on a rickety old cane chain smoking 3 packs a day and telling old war stories, statistically he should not be alive but for some reason he is healthy as a horse. Some one should tell him tomorrow is the 1st day of spring.

This is my friend (8.5hp, 26" swath) resting after a job well done, he is ready for a summer vacation.

Here's Eva in her Sunday best, sporting her new velour dress. Note the Princess sleeves!

Spun the MTB around in the snow storm for about 1/2 hour this am, I love how the snow muffles all sound. Felt pretty good considering yesterday was the 1st long climb of the year, went as easy as possible in my neighborhood. Glad I did not go to the crit yesterday, I guess it was on the Oval due to water on the track. The Oval bores me, its like doing laps around my driveway. Did a snowshoe this evening behind my house in freeze creek and up around the tank, scoped out the area where we might groom for a nordic track next year, also checked out a the connector trail from my backyard onto the freeze creek single track, I will need to clear some dead fall in the spring but with this trail operational I should be able to eliminate all pavement from my house to the top of Big mountain except for a little stretch in burr fork (pinecrest). Assuming the 3 ft of snow melts.


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