Sunday, March 26, 2006

training for idiots

Woke up to another 7 inches of snow on the deck, guess I'll get some more upper body work.

Just because I don't keep a training log, don't use a HR monitor or powermeter, don't over pay a coach that has no idea how I feel, don't do structured intervals, and hours upon hours of base miles ,doesn't mean I don't have a general plan behind my cycling madness. I do and it works well for me, I continue to improve and am able to manage a full life. In today's world of technology and information, all the cycling publications would have you believe that it is impossible to improve or become "fast" without a coach and NASA like high-tech gadgetry. Now I do agree that coaching has it's place and actually like the idea of monitoring power, but it is not for everyone and you can attain your goals without it. So if you can't afford a coach and don't like the structured approach, stay tuned and I will try to share some of my ideas on unstructured low-tech training.

Here's my plan for the week: By no means is this set in stone and will most likely not go off as planned.

Goal for the week: prepare for 2nd race effort of the season.
Monday: am 15-20 min easy commute, pm 30-40 min easy commute with a couple short test efforts. Road bike high cadence.
Tuesday: am 15-20 min easy commute, pm 30-40 min moderate pace commute with a little more effort on the climbs. Maybe another 30 min on MTB on the pavement if feeling spry.
Wednesday: am 15-20 min easy commute, pm 30-40 min moderate pace commute.
Thursday: am 15-20 min easy commute, pm 30-40 min easy high cadence on MTB. If feeling at all tired may not ride today.
Friday: Preride race course at steady pace with a couple short race efforts. 1-1.5 hrs.
Saturday: Intermountain cup #2 Cholla Challenge, Race 2+ hours with a 30-40 min warmup and 30-40 min cool down. Would like to do some more riding after the race but most likely will not have time.
Sunday: Fun MTB ride with family if possible.

Commuting/training does have its challenges but is a great time saver. One thing I constantly have to be carefull of is always riding the same pace and distance. Each week should have a specefic goal in mind, whether it happens our not is another story!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ride as less than I do... that is awesome. Commuting is where it's at. Disappointed to see you won't be shooting for the hat-trick in Hell.

11:27 AM


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