Friday, March 17, 2006


Just got back from sushi downtown compliments of LTS, good eats. After the 1st dirt race a couple weeks ago I am itching to race, well no race this weekend but it looks like more snow. I put in a short effort up the hill to my house riding home from work and I felt pretty good, maybe it was the tailwind but I'll take it. When your training consists of a 30 min bout home you have to make it count. More parts showed up today, a couple boxes from SRAM and Truvativ. Should have the 06 Raleighs up and running in a week or so. New kit coming soon, no more Purple Power! As soon as I learn this HTML jiberish I plan to spruce up the page a little, stay tuned. Did I mention its snowing again!

A sneak peak at the New Raleigh Team kit


Blogger Jonesee said...

nice digs. we are going to look sharp!!

12:04 PM

Blogger Racer Jared said...

no more purple pansies

I like em

2:47 PM


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