Saturday, March 25, 2006


Pics of the 2006 Raleigh factory Team bike sent to me from Raleigh's headquaters in Kent, Wa. Note the Rockstar white seat and fork, I better start looking for some white leather pants.

Despite being in class most of today, I was able to get a little riding in. Commuted to and from class on the road bike with a total ride time of 45 minutes. Did about 10 minutes threshold high cadence climbing and about 2 minutes above threshold big gear climbing on the way home. Also rode the MTB for 30 min with a few efforts of high cadence climbing thrown in for fun. Still felt fresh after riding. The snow is starting to melt and I finally got the deck completly cleared. Ate at Sun and Moon Cafe in the canyon and enjoyed the live band, good Saturday night. Yesterday was the 1st Norba Marathon in AZ, I love that course and wish I would have been racing. My fitness is pretty good right now it would have just been a matter of holding on at the end, but with a sub 4 hr race it may have been doable with my limited training. I guess not making all the races is just part of the story when your a hacker mountain bike pro with a million other irons in the fire. May see some changes to the site and possibly run into some construction, I am working on it.

BREAKING NEWS: Just got word that Bill Corliss from Park City, UT was hit and killed by a dump truck while on a group ride this morning out by Saratoga Springs on State Road 68. No details yet but another cycling tragedy hits home in Utah. As I read the e-mail I became sick to my stomach, all my trivial complaints were instantly purged from my mind. My heart and prayers go out to Bill's family and close friends.

Just one more reminder to LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH!


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