Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring training

Todays commute/training: 18 minutes to work, snow pack roads, snowing lightly, easy spin, high cadence, on fendered commuter. 40 minutes return home, sunny but cool, high cadence, easy pace.

For a bike racer, I sure have been doing alot of "cross training" activities lately. Snowshoed(easy 1 hour) up behind the house with Rosie and Eva after work today. With the temperature rising the underground springs are starting to pop throgh the snow, a couple times we walked over a spring/stream and the snow broke through underneath us, like a mini crevass.

Rosie got a shot of Eva and I just above our house, in the background looking South you can see the top of Little Mountain and then Lambs Canyon beyond that.

Spoke with Norm at Raleigh today and he is just waiting for a couple sets of wheels and the REBA's before he ships em out. They just finished building up a team bike for a photo shoot and press release, he said it looks good! Getting excited for some dirt!


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