Saturday, March 18, 2006

So close to Solitude

Snowing at dawn, a few hours of gray, and then snowing at dusk. Set out for big cottonwood today on the road bike in hopes of 40-50 min steady tempo climbing with the sound of the river as my ipod. For some reason I noticed every large rock on the side of the road and imagined how nice it would fit into my landscaping plans at home, to bad I wasn't pulling trailer. About 1/4 mile from Solitude the light snow flakes got heavy and I was forced to retreat, as I descended the flakes turned to hail and I was left with a pubescent pizza face. I love it when rain turns to snow and the trees become dusted in white foliage. Mother nature can out do photo shop any day. Still playing with the page set up, someday I will get it.

spring foliage


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