Thursday, March 16, 2006


Today looking out the window I was unable to determine where the mountains ended and sky began. The new snow matched the sky perfectly. Today at work I met with a 425 lb gentlemen who is trying to improve his mobility enough so he can exercise (walk) and drop some lbs.His goal is to get into our aquatic therapy program but he has to wait for his sacral skin breakdown to heal. Hopefully we can keep his drive alive, its got to be tough. After work I hit up Mtn Dell to burn some laps on the nordic track, after 2ft of new snow the track was in fairly good shape, the TUNA crew must have put in some work last night. I skied for 1 hr, the snow was soft but I felt pretty good other than my left leg issue.
Thursday is OC and Crown Burger night, does not get better than that according to Rosie!


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