Thursday, March 23, 2006


Did a non-commuting ride today, unusual for me during the week but the sun was out and I saddled up with Climbum Jones. Steady pace with one pretty good climbing effort up storm mountain, if you know Jones you know its not a ride without throttling it uphill, fortunately he is not in top shape yet due to his 50-mph ski crash and associated thumb ligament repair. Ran into A-train at the bottom of BC, he had just peeled of off Ohran and word is "Indohran" is back! Now that I live at the top of a hill, I always have to leave a little in the tank or I could end up walking, today a few cliffbar BlOCKS helped me home.
Had time for a hair cut today, full blown race season and warmer weather must be just around the corner.

My sciatica felt better on my ride today but continues to linger a little, hopefully it will continue to improve over the next few days. Sold a cross bike today to skate skier extrodinare Tav Streit, also traded some Salomon carbon pro skate boots for bike parts, maybe I'll start wishing for more snow. Also did some work on my winter house project, just finished Caulking around the tub/shower faucet and sealing the travertine, looks good. When we finished our house last fall we decided to leave a few bedrooms/bathroom unfinished to save a little coin and give me some projects. The bathroom just needs a toilet, vanity and few details and I can move to the next room.

Note the eggplant walls, Rosie's got a good eye for color.

Can't wait to go back to work tomorrow, and to top it off I have a Friday night/Saturday course/ lab on diagnosis and treatment of benign positional vertigo and meneir's disease. Great way to spend the first sunny weekend in months! I sure wish I could be as excited about nothing as little Eva, or at least as excited about The OC as her mother. Both inspirations to me!


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