Friday, December 10, 2010

Selkirk Classic

Cyclocross nationals are in full swing right now and I am at home and perfectly happy. I have been asked;"why are you not at nationals" maybe a dozen times this week and have not had much of an answer other than it was time for something new. I have been riding the cross bike as good as ever this year and maybe enjoyed it more than ever following such a rough summer. I would love to racing up in Bend with the whole Utah crew but with limited time to be away I had to make a choice between cross racing and skimo/Canada, new experiences won out.

Because I am slow to get to a trip report I can now rely on Jared and Andy, they both do a better job anyway. Here are a few shots and some commentary.

Andy and Jason skinning through the burn in Glacier National Park, Montana. Montana has a lot of trees and if you don't have a sled, access can be kind of slow. Good thing we don't mind 10 miles round trip of flat skining/skating to get to the vertical, If it was not for slide paths there may not be anywhere to ski up there. I think we are a little spoiled by Wasatch access!

The big 212 chopper was impressive. Smooth ride with not all that much vibration. View of the Esplanade range of the Slekirks was impressive.

Mt Cupola, the highest point in the Esplanade range. The hut sat down in the clouds at the base of the shady North face. The 3rd climb of the race skinned up the South ridge and booted to the tip.

Touring options are endless and the snow stays cold so much longer. Sun effect seems to have much less play on the South faces this far North at this time of year. I guess daylight from 8-4 may have something to do with that.

Sir Donald maybe the most impressive peak in the Rogers Pass area. From what I understand, attempts have been made but it has yet to be skied.

Jared booting out of a couloir on Mt Cheops shoulder that we found did not quite go. From the other side of the valley on Video Peak and 8812 it looked like it went.

Sir Donald again. That ridge looks like a fun ascent?

Hermit drainage on the way to Little Sifton. I love feeling small in big mountains, humbling for sure!

Best trip of December 201o, so far.


Anonymous Andy D said...

That ridge on Sir Donald is actually one of the 50 Classic climbs of NA. Easy too...around 5.4 or 5.5. Someday eh?

8:25 PM

Blogger Team Rico said...

miss ya up here buddy

9:13 PM

Anonymous Grizzly Adam said...

That looks amazing up there!

8:35 PM


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