Friday, July 10, 2009

#32 just won't go away

Been busy being a dad since I have been home, nice to be back to my girls! My constitutional energy has been low all week and my body is still dealing with this crazy tooth garbage. Last year after BC it took a full week before I felt ok, this year it will take longer as I am still fighting this tooth thing and not able to recover, also had to dig into my reserves just to function during the race.

Was at the dentist again on Wed and looks like a little piece of bone seems to be punching through my gum which is causing the continued infection and pain. I am back on antibiotics and hopefully it will smooth over without having to have an incision, grinding, and stitches. Crazy that a tooth can cause so much havoc!

Also good to be back at work. Bike racing is a fairly selfish endevour and it feels good to be in the trenches treating patients. Also puts my little bum tooth in persepective when I am working with someone who has not walked in months due to a non-healing ulceration on an amputated limb.

So my bike racing will be put on hold for a bit while I get healthy. Looking forward to building up to some later season events, maybe Leadville, a stage race in Peru, Point to Point in September, Pisgah in October, will see...

Did you check out the video we made in BC?


Blogger Faceless Ghost said...

What's the name of that stage race in Peru?

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