Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seattle's Wed night Worlds

After finding a local dentist to help out with my dry socket and re-stock my packing supplies before heading to BC, I caught a ride with Russell Stevenson to the local Wednesday night MTB race at South Sea Tac.

twisty fast 1 track!

burgers after, thanks Russ (2nd at Test of Metal last weekend)
The Local MTB scene is thriving in every corner !


Blogger Unknown said...

Bart!!! i wish i would have paid closer attention....i live and work in seattle and would have loved to come see you race locally. will be climbing mt baker this wkend but maybe could say Hi on your way out of town after BC. -grace bird

11:30 PM

Anonymous Jeffrey Heal said...

Hey Bart I saw your blog linked on the Monavie website and recognized your name from the mtb series since you rock the pro class. I have been racing the series this year for the first time and am trying to move up in the expert class. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering some questions I have. What does your diet consist of? And, how much road biking do you do for cross training? Thanks!

10:06 PM


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