Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mohican 100

Who would have guessed such cool trails exist in Ohio.

The dynamics of a 100 mile race are tons of fun, everything from equipment, nutrition, tactics, pacing, route, and fitness need careful consideration. I was generally pleased with how I managed all the variables and only botched up the route for about a 10 minute loss. I think I am most excited about how I didn't let it get to me to bad, a positive attitude is critical for such an event and getting off course is the easiest way to loose focus.

Nutrition wise I was dialed. 2 (80 oz) hydration packs full of mango carborocket requiring only one feed zone stop. Nibbled on chomps and blocks every 15-30 minutes and had a bottle of water on the bike for cleansing the palate. In the end some Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies would have been nice but by then I was turning the big ring on fatty acids.

My Left hip gave me some trouble at the end but it always does, that's what happens when it has been ripped out of socket.

I would have liked to go under 7 hours but the detour foiled my hopes, at least the endurance seems to be good.

The 4 am wake up travel day after the race was by far the hardest part of the weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a good positive note. well done.

5:32 PM


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