Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emv blue and skillz practice

The wisdom tooth thing was a disaster, it's funny how a little tooth can cause such big problems. Anyway,it seems to be getting better just in time, only a few more days of antibiotics.

The monavie convention was a mad house over the weekend and with the team in town I barely had time to breath.
Highlights include:
-Green/purple--> blue/grey transformation
-Rosie's bbq food
-Eva playing mom to her new house guest Conrad (JB's 5 month old)
-All day photos shoot for a couple hours of photo's
-Fine tuning bike fit with Tom from Wobblenaught, that's a lengthy post itself.
-Hangin with the crew!

Now I am in Seattle for a work conference on the Amputee System of Care before making my way to BC this weekend for the stage race.

I checked out the Urban MTB park under the I-5 freeway this evening, you won't believe this thing...

BC prep

switchback practice!

Stan's testing?
Bike position tweaks are feeling pretty good and my teeter-totter skills are dialed!


Blogger Jared said...

screw bc, go ski some volcanos

3:08 PM

Blogger Bilko said...

If you need Cleat Wedges, to help with what you had done on your position, please let us know.

-Phil at BikeFit.com

5:43 PM

Blogger brit said...

that park looks awesome!

9:11 PM


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