Monday, April 27, 2009

moab weekend

No racing last weekend so we set out on a 3 night family trip to Moab.

Friday I rode the White Rim counter clockwise with Kenny, Jared, Adam, and Adam. It was windy but a good time. Jared had some chicken and rice balls for us at about 50 miles. I felt pretty sluggish early on but got feeling better all day. I think this Fall I am going to TT the White Rim in place of 24 hours of Moab. 6 hours will be my plan but I don't know which direction yet.

last climb

Long ride food of choice, 300 calories of goodness for 79 cents.

Saturday Adam H and I hooked up with Chris Peters and rode the Upper Porcupine Singletrack from town. Possibly the best stretch of trail in Moab and a good 50ish mile loop for back to back big days. Adam took a core shot out of his thigh with a handle bar but managed to roll in one legged. This year I am trying to prepare for epic racing a little better, I guess sometimes you need more than riding to a from work.

Sunday was a shorter ride out Amasa back from town. No wind and lots of Sun.
Also spent a lot of time with the kids at various parks, Moab has some nice ones.
Car show in town and everyone is taking pictures so I joined the fun.

You think you have a low rider?
Sometimes those last minute spontaneous trips are the best!


Blogger Grizzly Adam said...

It was good riding with out on the W.R. I think clockwise is the better TT direction.

Start from the top of horse thief and get mineral bottom and the pavement done early. Those sections were mind numbing on Friday.

6 Hours would be smokin' fast, but if you had the right wind and sand conditions you could pull that off.

8:57 AM

Blogger climber said...

I like Moon pies a lot.

8:38 PM

Blogger TOM_Bender said...

Hey Bart,

It was a pleasure meeting you at Sea Otter. Hope to get to do some riding with you when I move to SLC...TOM Bender Madison, Wisconsin.

9:17 AM


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