Monday, March 09, 2009


I can't find my camera cable so no pics from the weekend yet.

Friday: Stressful day at work including CPR on a patient. Drive down to St. George with the girls in a raging snow storm. After getting the little ones to bed I finally got on my bike for a 15 minute ride in the dark around the ritzy Cliffs neighborhood. Bike seemed to working well and I was excited to test out the legs.

Saturday: Red Rock Desert Rampage at high noon. Everyone loves this race, it's hard not to after a winter without trails. The course is a good early season test, fast without any steep or sustained climbs and nothing real hairy on the DH, just pedal. Momentum goes along away on this course. Notice the helmet borrowed from Keating after I pulled a rookie and left mine in my locker at work, it's a little big!

Photo by Jared Ferguson

Little Robbie squire was killing it on the climbs with AG and myself happy to be in tow. I have done this race enough to know how to win it, although I don't think I was the strongest. Alex and Robbie will both turn some heads this year, guaranteed!

My ski tour training experiment seemed to work well as I felt physically strong. I did not have the high end race speed that I hope comes around once I get on the bike more. Endurance was good and the race seemed short although the cycling specific muscles faded a little. Seem to have a good base to build on for the rest of the cycling season.

BBQ, hot tub, and good company for the evening at the Snow Canyon mansion.

Sunday: 4 hours of onetrack including- Barrell roll, Rim Rock (new), Stucki springs, Zen trail, and back to Snow canyon mansion. Felt pretty good on the bike but could tell the biking muscles are not used to back to back days yet. Back and legs a little sore.

Panni sandwich press and more swimming with the kiddos while mom rips some trail of her own. In & Out burger and the drive back to SLC.

Great weekend!

Now for some more skiing....


Blogger Jared said...

Thanks for the cred. (: Hope the pics worked. Congrats on a great race.

1:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was gonna say something about the helmet but you won so, I kept my mouth shut. Nice work!

2:10 PM

Blogger Indohran said...

In case anyone is wondering. The 4 hour ride on Sunday was faster than the race on Saturday. I was pinned all day long at maximum heartrate. Nothing like chasing Bart and Alex around for 4 hours the day after a race!!Brandon Firth new Sunday was going to be tough so he must have been saving his energy on Saturday because he was ripping as well. A-train was having trouble staying on his tracks that day and had to retire early!

10:24 AM


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