Wednesday, March 25, 2009

open window

I am going to California to race the 1st ProXCT race in 80 degree temps this weekend so I got out touring the last couple days in preparation. If you want to call it that.

Yesterday afternoon:
Little Pine slide path- You got to hit this South facing beauty just right to get perfect conditions. Yesterday was was just right. Well bonded snow given enough time to settle and sluff out, the morning howitzers helped with that. Mostly protected from the wind, no sun or thermal damage, and not a track in it. The one drawback is you have to break trail the entire way but considering this is normally a booter, skin track bottom to top is worth it. 3300 ft of 2ft soft.

art of the kick turn

steep skin track= more DH

Mike breathing

looking up the apron/debris pile

3000 down 300 to go

Bart's stubbies submerged

eye on the prize

Mike pointing the way down
This afternoon:
Jared and I got out for a leisurely walk up Lookout peak this afternoon. No one out today and lots of new snow. Jared was kind enough to do most of the trail breaking. He was trying to save my legs for bike racing this weekend.
It was really more of the same deep creamy snow. The stability was not quite as good as yesterday. The most recent snow was a little slabby but it just did not seem to have anything to run on. Visibilty was marginal. We kept it pretty mellow and ran a nice little run off the West shoulder of Lookout.
Although I am excited for some dirt racing and training camp next week in summer like temps, the skiing is still pretty fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck! Even if the touring doesn't turn out to be the same prep as being on the bike all winter, it has given you a whole lot of mental peace.

6:12 PM


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