Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mr Mom @ the powderkeg

Rosie has been in AZ now for a couple days enjoying a vacation in the sun so I have humbly been placed in charge of the household. Once again I am reminded of the skill and efficiency it takes to be a mom, wow!

I was also reminded of the skill and efficiency it takes to be a good rando racer. I recruited my mom to watch the girls while I suited up for the 7th annual Wasatch Powder Keg. Being my first attempt at randonee racing I was a little nervous which was quite fun. Having raced bikes for so long I don't get that "can't sleep the night before feeling anymore" and this was a refreshing rush. Although, "the can't sleep the night before" might have something to do with the girls missing mom! Because I don't have the cool one piece suit I rocked the monavie-cannondale jersey.

So here are 10 random things I learned from my 1st rando race:

1. You can't just tour and ski powder all the time and expect to do well. Rando racing is a very specific skill set which requires practice and training.
2. Skinning fast on flat sections is critical, I need to improve my hamstring flexibility, stride length, and skin glide to do well.
3. There is something fun about rallying lightweight skis down steep backcountry breakable crust, although I am a slow conservative skier.
4. My musculoskeletal system is my limiting factor at this point. My back and hamstrings were so balled up from all the flat skinning on the first leg that I could not go very hard when it got steeper.
5. The real rando racers are smooth and fast, efficiency is everything. Sounds like bike racing.
6. Rando racing is fun but feels kind of slow motion compared to bike racing. If a gap opens it is very hard to close.
7. I need longer poles.
8. Don't use a hydration bladder even with hot water, it will freeze. I should have had better insulation. I did not drink or eat anything the whole race, rookie!
9. The people are the best part of the racing experience, quality, fun, mountain people just like the MTB races.
10. It is a great compliment to bike racing in the winter but I would never want it to replace the long tour for exploration and fun new lines.

early start

1st down-up transition between gunsight and patsey marley/boot pack

Now back to Mr Mom!


Blogger Unknown said...

camelbak racerbak was the ticket. had insulation on the tube and tucked it in my jersey. but i still forgot to drink enough. what a fun time! nice job on your first race, you were probably the first place guy without a cool one piece speed suit!

9:39 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

ps. your little girl is adorable.

9:40 AM

Blogger Jennie said...

nice job! That race looked rough! Joel and I saw you flying down.

7:02 PM


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