Monday, December 22, 2008

out for a walk

Chris Peters looking nostalgic at the top of Lambs

Poked around in the mountains this morning and found some low angled turns in the trees. Suprisingly good considering the conservative terrain. It's been a week now without a significant bike ride and nearly every day on some kind of ski.

Mon: skate
Tues: skate
Wed: tour
Thurs: no ski due to travel
Fri: lift served
Sat: lift served and skate
Sun: skate
Mon: tour

Hope I can keep that streak going....

If your still looking for some cyclocross coverage check out for a behind the scenes look at racing World Cups with Sue Butler. The site remains a work in progress but the euro updates should be good.


Blogger G-ride said...


Would you mind emailing myself or Jonathan Page directly regarding his current situation with a missed test?

Sorry to bring this up here but could not find a contact link for you.

Thanks very much. Please delete this comment after you get my info. Thanks again.

6:10 PM


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