Friday, December 19, 2008

magic carpet

The first time up the lift Eva's eyes got real big and she said "daddy were flying high like a bird"

I was a bit older than Eva when my brothers and I all got skis for Christmas. We immediately started hiking for the steep slope at the top of Peay's horse pasture for our first turns. At first we just straight lined until we crashed and then got up and straight lined again. This slowly evolved into crash free GS turns around the Metal sprinkler pipes and dropping pillows of sagebrush on the upper slopes. I was already proficient at getting down the mountain when I first rode a chair lift at Sundance and bored silly in the beginner class without any metal posts to dodge. The progression continued when we started making skins out of directional astro turf and used skinny skis to carve tele turns above the peach orchard.

In Sun Valley they have a magic carpet.


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