Monday, December 15, 2008


I am now looking out my back window at old man winter while playing with my girls, the disappointment of Nationals slowly fades into the background. Not the way I wanted my cross season to end but the best I could do on the day.

The bummer is I had a good opportunity. My start was clean and I dangled off the front group for a couple laps in about 10th place. I was comfortable but could feel my low back starting to fold. A group behind came up and I rode with Tonkin and a couple others for another couple laps until my low back and sciatic nerve gave up the ghost, lights out, I could only cruise around after that. Because I could not ride that hard I got really cold and was just happy to finish.

I knew my back would be the deciding factor in my effort as it had been bugging me for a couple days. With race time temps barely a 20F and a stiff wind it was hard to get loosened up. On such a difficult climbing track with mush soil you either have it or you don't and I didn't have it. Today I feel pretty fresh as I was not able to dig deep and use my fitness like I wanted and with zero technical challenge on course that's all you have is your fitness.

Overall it was a good cross season with the highlight being the growth of the Utah Cross Series. Nearly 300 riders/race and 40% growth over last year.
Big plans for 2009.

Now for some winter sports!


Blogger primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

you look like old man winter, get rid of that rat or join grizzly adams club

12:03 PM

Blogger shriverracing said...

Got to love bike racing! You win some, and you lose a bunch. It was so cold man, I felt like I was going to lose fingers. Look me up for some Back Country Skiing. I head to Belgium on Friday, but would incorporate that into my cyclocross training. Haha! I was stoked to see you mixing it up at the front of the race.

5:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being the leader of the pack doesn't always apply to the racing. You do it in loads of other ways. Enjoy the snow!!

6:11 PM

Blogger flahute said...

Bart ...

You know that all of us are proud of you no matter what happens ... like Theresa said, you are the leader of the pack in so many ways.

7:47 PM


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