Sunday, November 02, 2008


Rosie was excited for today's cross race for 2 reasons:
1-She rode to the race and arrived about 30 minutes before the cold front and rain.
2-She got to test out her cute new Belgium cross boots.

I new Ali would be on it today, a champ always bounces back strong and he is a true "mudder".

Now for a night of goopey eyes trying to work the grit out!


Blogger drrna said...

I was still picking sand out of my eyes this morning. It was good to see Ali give you a little push in the mud. That was fun, except for my 1/2 lap jog. Good to give the mud skills a little test.

9:07 AM

Blogger Miller Time said...

Just heard you threw in the towel on Mex-e-co, if it helps drive your decision home, a dude on a moto prerunning the 1000 was shot in the chest for no reason.... reports state he'll live. perhaps a new form of "survival racing" will florish down south. Yet the MD Motosports crew is still on sched to go. (hopefully i'm not looking for a new partner).

9:09 PM


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