Sunday, November 30, 2008


I think Nys once said that when he is in top form he is 100% recovered the evening after a race, I don't know if I buy that but his point is well taken. The human body is amazing at adapting to stressfull stimuli. With a couple weeks until cross nationals I hope I can do a little more adapting.

After a fairly high volume week, at least for me I felt pretty solid at the wheeler race. I never felt real fast but the gear turned over fairly nice and I tried to ride smooth focusing on energy ultilization, technique, and balance.

If you watch the world cups you will notice the top guys don't even look fast. Every physical movement has been refined to propel the bike forward over the given terrain. The result is what looks like an easy ride around the park. Being so refined that your maximum looks effortless is the goal, to me this is the beauty of cyclocross.

For a hack like me a good result at a big one day race like the national championships requires everything to come together at the right time, including luck. I guess it's all the variables that make it fun.

Hopefully I don't look very fast in a couple weeks!


Blogger drrna said...


This from one of the top-5 technical riders in the country, known for making it look deceptively easy.

Sven's blog is really good reading if you haven't seen it.

It seems like he writes it himself, and is very insightful.

10:05 AM

Blogger ag said...

usually when you are riding away from me at a cross race i am thinking man, he doesn't even look like he's working hard. you need refining, i need overhauling...

7:05 PM


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