Tuesday, November 04, 2008

no baja epic

Had to pass on my 9am flight to San Diego this morning for the Baja Epic stage race. As much as I would love to be racing 4 days through the mountains of Baja, it was just not worth the risk and our crew pulled the plug at the last minute.

In the last 10 days 11 people have been shot and killed in Rosarito where the race starts and ends. The police force have been resigning on a daily basis as they are sitting ducks for the cartels that rule the area. It seems Baja has changed since Ohran, Fox, and I rode to Cabo. Like I told Tinker on the phone this morning, "it's just a bike race, we have mouths to feed and it's not worth the risk".

I am not into drugs myself but I say legalize it in the US and tax it like crazy, is it really any different than tobacco and ETOH.
Let people make there own decissions and live with the consequences, at least our demand for drugs won't be destroying nations and economies. I bet the number of stoners actually goes down with legalization not to mention the crime and prison crowding. I could be wrong but it seems worth considering.

On a positive note I got to enjoy the first bike commute in the snow and the first sled rides of the season today. About 4" on the back yard hill. Eva's enthusiasm for catapulting herself down a snowy slope on a piece of plastic really excites me.

This is going to be a fun winter.


Blogger EthanBazGoulet said...

yeah.. like peter tosh says.. legalize it, breast milks that is

9:55 PM

Blogger Forrest said...

No more surf trips to baja either, its really hurting baja's economy. Friends in Southern Cal no longer take the weekend trips down to scope the surf. Surfer's Journal had a good article on the degredation of law and order in Baja recently, its really bad. I felt more unsafe in Mexico than in central America, who would have guessed that 5-10 yrs ago.

11:54 AM

Blogger ag said...

Bummer about the race man... Well said- look at the prices people pay for drugs compared to how much they cost to grow/produce. Someone is getting really rich. It all goes in to the hands of drug lords and cartels, etc. Meanwhile economies suffer, people get killed over the ludicrous profits being made, and governments miss out on tons of potential tax revenue.

4:23 PM

Blogger Jeff Kerkove said...

Dude, you missed your chance for some hands on AK-47 action.

9:27 AM

Blogger Sue said...

Smart. I had wondered about this with all the news from down there. Sucks, but it is JUST a bike race and you don't want it to be your last. We have plenty more on the schedule for next year! More time for CX!!!

10:38 AM


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