Friday, November 07, 2008

ergon bd2

So I just wrote up an elaborate ergon bd2 pack review and then somehow lost it. Here is the cliff notes.

As a lifetime bike commuter and one that performs 90% of their weekday training on the commute I consider myself an authority on cycling packs.

After 3 weeks of daily commuting with the BD2 I am convinced it is the most well engineered and constructed bike pack available.


-Adjustable fit: you can place the load where it needs to be, on the hips. Adjusts to your torso size.
-Comfort: no hot spots even with a pack full of rocks, Tinker style.
-Freedom of movement: even under load the upper extremities are never strangled.
-Secure: While sprinting out of the saddle this pack does not sway from side to side and will not slide up your back during steep descents.
-Quality construction: waterproof zippers, quality buckles, well executed materials.
-Unique features: lumbar lordosis stash pocket for allen keys, gels, maps or anything you need to get at while riding. Water proof rain fly for rallying through a blizzard and having dry undies at work.

I have yet to use it with a bladder for an epic MTB ride but after my commuting experience am positive this baby is perfect for all day adventures. The one draw back I see is the size. As a 15L pack it fits my lunch and clothes perfectly but leaves little room for extras like a laptop, more lunch, small animals, large bike parts, more lunch, toys, power tools, 2L bottles of fresca, or many layers of winter clothes after an afternoon heat wave.
cool green, blinker not included

Mine pivot ball is adjusted to the middle setting to place the load perfectly at the hips and suspended off the back, genius!

I can't wait to try the BA3 which is a larger outdoor pack with the same suspension system and classic ergon quality. May even double as ski pack.
Hope to do some more gear reviews without the frustrating computer failures.
FedEx just dropped off a 174cm long box, what could that be???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmmm, let me guess.....which brand are you sliding this year?

10:10 AM

Blogger John the Monkey said...

Those Ergon packs do look really good - it may be time to look away from the price tag and just buy one ...

2:06 AM

Blogger Sue said...

hopefully Tim won't read your blog, b/c then he will have to have that pack.

10:05 AM


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