Tuesday, November 11, 2008

dam rough

On our 24hr trip to LA Rico and I rolled around in this 94' Volvo wagon that was Tinkers bonus for going to the Olympics.

You know you have made it when you have marble tile floors in your garage, Tinkers a baller!

Although the accommodations were great the racing was marginal at best. Possibly the bumpiest, roughest chunk of earth ever set up as a bike race. The Hansen Dam course layout was great and from a far it looked fun but after riding 3" on the course it was apparent this was going to be a test of backs, hands, and equipment. I feel bad for talking rico into a quick cross trip and then having to race this course, sorry man at least you got to experience Tinker's trophy room.
I had a good start but was not aggressive enough in the first few laps and a couple guys got away. So I drug a group around for an hour and then suffered a front flat on the last lap and went from 4th to 8th while running it in. That's racing!
My local money snatching skills did me good as I scored a 10 spot out of a beer can at the top of the steepest hill, the crowd went nuts as they were getting little money action.
This best part of the trip was I established 2 new standards for comparison. One for bumpy crappy cyclocross courses and the other for garage flooring. It will be tough to top either!


Blogger StupidBike said...

I think I spy a headshock Raven in that garage.

Early Carbon bike,scary.

3:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bart,

Pop me an email so I can send you guys some info about our race the weekend before old pueblo. tribebabe@yahoo.com

6:40 PM


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