Tuesday, October 28, 2008

into another week...

Took the girls to the cross race over the weekend so Rosie could have a fun day of her own. Running, pedicures, out to lunch, to bad there was a race! Again, if the weather was poor this little daddy-racer day would be tough to pull off even with grandma's help, long live warm cross racing. Got into a good rhythm at the race but got tired of pedaling as there was only 1 or 2 corners you couldn't pedal through, super fast. Still fine tuning the position on the cross bike but only had to move things about a mm after the race. Either getting things dialed or I am head case? It's good to see a more competitive aggressive Elite race, people are focusing on cross and it shows.

I thought the Crest was done after the last storm but with a couple weeks of perfect weather it was primed for another run. Alex and I rode up BC and met Rosie and Sammi at Guardsman. I was pumped to see Rose riding so well, I think the time on the road bike has helped her comfort at speed on the MTB. If you have not been on the Crest this fall get up there one last time, watch out for the ice on the run into Millcreek. Check some pics on Rosie's new blog, she got sick of me not posting hundreds of cute pics so she fired up one of her own.

2 new soups over the weekend, White Bean Chicken Vegetable and home made Minestrone. Tonight one of my favorites, Roasted Vegetable Chili. We make soup in industrial loads and freeze it for later, makes for a quick healthy dinner.


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