Sunday, October 05, 2008

conversation with a 3 year old

Eva: "daddy why are you shaking so bad?"

Bart: "I got cold in the bike race"

Eva: "why did you do that?"

Bart: "well because it was raining and cold"

Eva: "why didn't you wear a rain coat like me and use a green umbrella?"

Bart: "it sure wouldn't have hurt, I got wet and was riding like a little girl today"

Eva: "like me daddy"

Bart: "yea a cute little girl like you"

I have raced in a lot of cold weather but have never been so hypothermic from a cross race. Not sure why but it shut me down in a hurry. I started shivering pretty bad after 2 laps and once the core gets cold it's tough to go hard enough to generate any heat. My whole body just locked up and I could only go one slow speed. My front tire went low just after Cris P got a gap and I nursed it around for 1/2 lap and only got colder. I shook violently for about 2 hrs after the race and when I woke up this morning the only thing that was sore was my jaw!
After I became coherant I was pretty frustrated with myself. I did things just like I normally do in the foul weather but for some reason was not able to handle it. In hindsight I probably should have used a trainer and got my core temp all lathered up beforehand. Learn from it and move on!
Good to see mitchy mitch get the win on his home turf.
We stayed at Snowbird last night for a family get together and I was so looking forward to the hot tub at the lodge.....

Just not my day!
I was excited for the snow this morning at the bird and got the itch to strap on the planks, maybe I should bag any plans of racing cross in Belgium over the Christmas break and just get straight to playing in the snow.
Now for 24hrs of Moab.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your shiver fest, my dad had a bad crash and decided to pack it in... there are still 10 more races to get it right, good luck at the 24hrs.

10:34 PM

Blogger drrna said...

I was really cold after the race, but I don't think it hurt me much during.

You and I were one of the few riding outside before the start. Both of us were dressed pretty well, so I don't think that was your mistake. Proctor always warms up on the course if possible, regardless of the weather. As long as you're dressed, I think it's a good call.

Some times it's difficult to figure out just what you did wrong.

10:32 AM

Blogger B-Horn said...

I have had hypothermia badly 3 or 4times during road races, to the point of shivering violently, but you looked a whole lot worse.

Even though you seamingly recovered take it easy on rides for the next few days for full recovery because it really messes with your body.

You'll live to fight another day, next time bring two umbrella's, one for me, I was soaking wet on my entire back side and dry on my front, see even announcing the cross can be hazardous!


3:25 PM

Anonymous Tessa D said...

Great read thankyou

12:31 AM


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