Monday, September 22, 2008

rad racing GP

Seth did a fine job stitching me back together in the bathroom after star crossed and it even seemed to help my legs come around a little better for the next day.
I had a pretty good race but just could not quite make the front group in the first lap. We settled in to a good 7th through 11th group and I was comfortable with the pace but it was fast and no one could get away. At the finish Russell opened up a little gap for 7th when TW bobbled a turn on his white diamond tires. I jumped Todd out of the last corner and thought I had it but they gave it to him, maybe they felt bad he was under the weather or maybe the Olympian got me.
I was happy to pull myself together after a disappointing night at star crossed, my leg didn't bother me during the race even on the 80 meter run up but as soon as I stopped it was killing me.
My lower leg blew up like a balloon today at work despite wearing size I 20-30mmhg compression stockings. Also got my other bike finished today, it's rolling light with the tubies.


Blogger Travis Labrum said...

That is an awesome warwound. I am surprised you didnt stitch yourself up even though there was someone else there to do it for you.

5:41 PM


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