Thursday, September 25, 2008


Missed Crossvegas because I'm a weekend warrior, it looked like a good time. Would like to hit Ogdencross but will see how the leg's doing.

You know whats worse than stitching up your leg in a bathroom?

Unstitching it in your kitchen 5 days later to let out the infection.... It's open and draining and I am on keflex now.

Just the nature of medical practice I guess.


Blogger Travis Labrum said...

Well that is pretty gross. Cool job on the home grown doctoring. Maybeyou can hit the Hood river cyclocross next year. Well I will talk to you later.

Travis "seamons" Labrum

11:37 AM

Blogger crazy4rammstein said...

Hi Bart!
I have a great picture of you from the Crit in Ogden yesterday. I'd like to send it to you if you'd like. Otherwise, I'll post it on my team's website later( in my photo album and you can snag it from there.

See you at the 'cross races!


12:53 PM


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