Sunday, September 21, 2008


Tough night at star crossed, I got waxed.

Legs bad from the start and then I got tangled in a crash putting a gash in my leg that would later require about 12 stitches. Not much effort after that. Fortunately I am staying with a ENT surgeon in Seattle so I did not have to do the stitching by myself.

Hopefully I can get the legs going today but I am pretty banged up and still fighting some fatigue from the Monavie convention.

More rain today I am sure!


Blogger drrna said...

Good ride on Sunday. Don't forget that you're the "working man".

10:07 AM

Blogger MK said...

nice ride on sunday dude...

8:18 PM

Blogger Travis Labrum said...

Looking good man. Drop me a line sometime. Keep rocking

5:28 PM

Blogger Travis Labrum said...

Lets swap some mission stories

5:32 PM


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