Sunday, September 07, 2008

cyclocross with motors

Rog and I went out to the National Supermoto race this weekend at Miller Sports Park and watched our friend, Team Honda's Cassidy Anderson blitz his home track for a solid 2nd. He led 9 of 12 laps but got tag teamed by 2 KTM guys before working back into 2nd. It reminds me of cyclocross where the road guys and dirt guys come together and battle it out on mixed terrain.

I was thinking a bike race on the supermoto course would be crazy fun, I would use my road bike with 25's at about 80psi.

Cassidy took up mtn bike racing the summer and progressed quickly moving into the expert class. He reports the improved fitness from bike racing has helped him relax while 2 wheel drifting from pavement to dirt at 100mph!


Good thing it's dark and cold right now because I feel like ripping the KTM through the hood.


Blogger Eat Sleep MTB said...

They have that for real, its called "Endurocross". It's like motocross but with logs, 180 degree turns, really rocky sections, and even river crossings, typically at an indoor arena.

9:13 PM

Blogger Bart G said...

Yea I have seen that but it's slow compared to supermoto and no pavement. I like the battle between the motocross guys and moto gp guys.

you racing cross?

9:38 PM

Blogger Eat Sleep MTB said...

Yes, or at least I am going to try it, but probably on my hardtail.

7:15 AM


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