Monday, April 07, 2008

rest day

I am not very good at just hanging out but the rest is good for me.

After a good day of physical therapy at the VA I had tons of time on my hands. I cleared the snow off the driveway, straightened up the shop, hung some window treatments in the nursery, did a pregnant photo shoot, boxed up some ebay sales, tinkered with the scalpel, and played with a princess. I really wanted to ski up the new snow behind the house but the voice of reason (rosie) kept me off the hill. I am even watching some tv which is funny because about 3 months ago I wall mounted a flat screen and hooked up surround sound but have not really watched it other than a few movies and cross videos. I must say it's pretty sweet laying horizontal on the mega sofa. The sad thing is I started watching the Kansas/Memphis basketball game but got bored and ended up watching The Hills, pathetic.

Tomorrow I am going to start riding again, maybe a nice commute to work and hopefully no more The Hills. If the snow keeps coming I am going to be forced to ski.


Blogger blakeharlan said...

It went into overtime and the real champions emerged! I am truly disappointed in your TV selection.

12:41 AM

Blogger Bart G said...

I was in bed by the OT, old man with kids!

8:26 AM

Blogger primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

the hills kicks ass.

7:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to ride a wheelie right into Spencer's face and then peel out on Hide's for dating him.

12:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

See Please Here

12:55 AM

Blogger jsager said...

but what about American Idol? Billy Ray's little girl performed.

10:35 PM

Blogger flahute said...

Since when does the commute from Emi to the VA go along Holladay Blvd?

7:28 PM


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