Tuesday, April 22, 2008

coxsackie A16 revisited

So I had a scare last night!

A little over a year ago Eva and I came down with hand foot and mouth disease caused by the coxsackie virus. It was the worst physical illness I have ever experienced and nearly killed me. Our neighbors little boy came down with it shortly after Eva had been playing with him a few days ago but I was not that worried as it is much like chicken pox and you usually only get it once. Anyway, Yesterday Eva came down with a fever and last night started to develop some small sores on her mouth and hands, great here we go again I thought. We had a tough night and she was up every 2 hours. Sometime during the middle of the night I noticed I had developed some small sores on my tongue and lips, nothing like last time but I was petrified of what was to come. We made it through the night and out of nowhere my sores were nearly gone, I did not feel perfect but was feeling much better than I anticipated. Eva was also doing much better and was nearly back to her normal chipper self, although she still had some soreson her hands and mouth.
The only thing I can figure is it took a little time for our antibodies from before to mobilize and fight off the virus, so we had a few symptoms but the virus was never able to establish itself. I could be wrong but that sounds as good as anything. The body is amazing! The real cool part is we don't have to worry that much about Stella coming down with it because Rosie did not get it the first time because she likely already has the antibodies and the baby pretty much has the same immune system as mon at this point, not mention the additional shot she gets every few hours through breast milk, fascinating!

So after playing with Eva at the park all morning I decided to try my original planed ride up BC canyon with Jared. I could tell my energy was a little off and after putting in a good effort up storm mountain I was not up for pushing all the way to the top so I cruised up to Mill D and then flipped around to head home why Jared punished the mountain all the way up.

Hopefully a good night sleep will help me get back on track, thank goodness for antibiodies.

Oh Yea, I have a 2007 Medium Team Scalpel in great shape if any one is looking for a ripping fast bike.


Blogger N8Stowers said...

How much do you want for your scalpel? I may have someone interested!! let me know please, thx, natestowers@yahoo.com

9:25 AM

Blogger chris said...

very interested in the scalpel.
chrizdanielz@hotmail.com or www.formatcycling.blogspot.com

4:22 AM

Blogger Jared said...

For the record, "good effort" up Storm Mountain means a power to weight ratio of over 5, which results in most people, like me, going backwards.

10:23 AM


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