Monday, April 28, 2008

boat race weekend

So Eva and I are getting over the plague but my energy levels are still kind of low so I decided to sit this weekend out from any racing or serious riding in hopes of a more solid recovery.

Years ago I learned from Greg Lemond (in his Mountain biking days) a little technique for recovering from illness or a bought of over training while attempting to maintain some fitness. He prescribed riding 2x/day for no more than 30 minutes each time at a self selected pace with random efforts thrown in for fun. If you are not tolerating 2x/day than go back to 1 30 min ride for a couple days. No more than 3 days of riding without a complete rest day and no more than 30 min on the bike at one time. This is not far from my normal training routine just without the longer weekend rides.

By no means are you going to come into great form using this method but you can recover while maintaining some psychological health, keeping the metabolism up, and maintaining some muscle memory. I have used it before and will see how it works out this time around. My 30 min rides over the weekend felt pretty good but afterwards I felt a little drained. Today is my complete day off. I guess the test will be a long XC like 5 mile pass!

Eva and I decided to take advantage of the spring run off and built some boots to float in Freeze Creek.

She can play at the stream for hours, trust me!


Blogger Miller Time said...

You are the best daddy-o Bart! Just think of getting the plague as a bonus for getting to spend some quality time with Eva ;) Not that you don't do that already. I am just trying to make you feel better and not hate me for giving you the dreaded disease.

9:18 AM


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