Sunday, April 06, 2008


Rosie keeps telling me her belly weighs more than my new scalpel!

It looks fast! Those are the new Reynolds carbon wheels which are 200 grams lighter than last years at 1340 grams, weighed them myself. Can't wait to get some real time on it.

The past week I have been laying pretty low as I decided to step back and give myself some real rest. It was good timing as Rosie is about to burst and chasing Eva around can be taxing. I don't have any objectives until later in the year after the new baby comes and we get settled in so I figured I would get refreshed and start over on the bike. I had a good winter of aerobic training but after my hut trip in ID I did not get enough rest before a couple days of intensity and lost the snap, so rather than flounder on in mediocrity I am starting over. I will likely start getting some rides in later this week and even plan to race the chola, although I may not be on my game, or maybe I will you never know what a little extra rest will do and a new bike! I also am getting back to the basics of more healthy eating in order to lose a few pounds and get back to racing weight, I got sloppy this winter and enjoyed the sugar.

The Monavie crew rode well in AZ and I was bummed to not be racing check out for details. Also would have loved to ride the white rim with Jared et. al but staying home and resting with the family was the right move.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wheels are supposed to be top secret...

7:34 AM

Blogger Bart G said...

why keep the good stuff secret, no one told me.

10:46 AM

Blogger UtRider said...

Sweet looking bike! See you at Cholla.

2:05 PM


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